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deskUNPDFPro.jpgWe are proud to announce the availability of the deskUNPDF 2 technology previews.  These are pre-release versions of deskUNPDF 2 Professional and deskUNPDF for Mac.

This preview includes the new OpenDocument ( Write, Google Docs, KOffice, odt) and the Sony Reader BBeB (lrf) output formats as well as Word97-2003 rtf/doc and text.  Under OS X deskUNPDF installs a new PDF workflow, effectively creating a print driver for the supported output formats.  The Windows version contains a trial version of deskPDF Professional which allows for the same functionality.


OS X 10.4+ Intel (21mb) : deskUNPDF-Prev-mactel.dmg
OS X 10.4+ PPC  (21mb) : deskUNPDF-Prev-osxppc.dmg

Windows 98/Me/2K/XP/Vista:  deskUNPDFPro-TechPrev.exe

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