Welcome to Docudesk Labs

Over the years Docudesk has created some exciting technology. To provide a mechanism to share our innovations and contribute to the open source community we have created Docudesk Labs. Our hope is that both developers and technologists find Docudesk Labs a valuable resource for finding sample code, application previews, and insight into our development environment and technical direction.

MacOS-target gcj: create Mactel+PPC binaries from OS X, Linux and Cygwin

gcjmac.jpgThese instructions tell you how to build a cross compiler targeting Mac OS X (Intel and PPC) from any of three host platforms: Mac OS X, Linux, and Cygwin. The instructions use the provided tarball

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Docudesk PRS Browser for OS X

PRSBrowser1.jpgThe Docudesk PRS Browser allows Macintosh users to easily manage content on the Sony Reader using a native OS X interface.

Both internal and card memory locations are supported, and all natively-supported file types can be added and removed from the Reader (txt, lrf, pdf, rtf, bmp, gif, jpg, png, mp3, and aac) with simple drag and drop operations. You can even copy files from your Reader to a local drive.

This project is based on the ReaderFS file system for OSX.  Special thanks to the author, Scott Turner, for his contributions.  The PRS Browser is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

OS X 10.4+ Intel/PPC. 2.3 mb : ddprs.dmg   Source: ddprs_src.zip


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