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PDFVue for Firefox, override the annoying Adobe PDF Plugin...

There are a couple of well known extensions for Firefox which override Adobe's PDF viewer Plugin due to issues with it hanging and otherwise slowing down the browser.  We wanted to allow web surfers to utilize for online PDF viewing and annotation via the browser in a seamless way which was the impetus for this project.  With many new PDF exploits in the news these days, the release couldnt be more timely.  Besides providing a cleaner experience workflow wise, opening PDF files via overcomes the JavaScript and native decoder exploits affecting Adobe's reader which are making the rounds these days.  I have used the most popular PDF download extension for Firefox and found it frustrating in many ways.  We set out to craft this extension in a way which would not interrupt normal workflows in the browser.  No modal pop up is used so using features like ctrl-click to open a link in a new browser window works seamlessly.  If a user wants to download a PDF file, they can simply right click and save as they normally would.  If the Adobe Plugin would be ideal to view a given PDF, then simply disable the PDFVue extension.  PDF files can also be viewed in a much richer and faster way than is currently offered elsewhere.  In addition to this, currently alows free markup and saving of the PDF file and changes.  Because of the way in which we hook Firefox's HTTP connections, many PDF files which slip through other PDF download extension's implimentations are correctly handled with PDFVue for Firefox.  Because redirected URLs and URLs entered in the address bar are handled properly by our extension, it makes for a more secure way to block Adobe PDF Plugin launches from untrusted sites.

Direct download link, XPI install file for Firefox 3.0+:

If you find the extension useful, please visit this URL and sign up for a free Mozilla developer account, download the plugin and write a nice review:

Feature/benefit list of PDFVue for Firefox and the site:

The benefits of the PDFVue plugin include:

  • No embedded JavaScript from the PDF – your machine can’t be compromised by malicious code in a PDF.
  • Free and no registration required!
  • Rendering PDF’s on our servers means your computer is kept safe.
  • We take care of updates automatically – so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Unlike other PDF plugins that can freeze your browser with large PDF’s, with PDFVue, you don’t have to wait for the entire PDF to load – you can start viewing immediately.
  • PDFVue keeps you safe by catching all PDF’s – even if you open the PDF in a new tab, type in the URL directly, or if it is re-directed from a site such as TinyURL.
  • PDFVue isn’t just a viewer – you can markup and annotate any PDF you view, and save a local copy for yourself.
  • The PDFVue plugin is fully compatible with other firefox PDF plugins – and it is easily toggled on or off.
  • PDFvue retains hyperlinks within the PDF’s, and will not interrupt save-as dialogues or right-click menu options if you are trying to save the PDF to your computer.




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    PDFVue for Firefox, override the annoying Adobe PDF Plugin... - Latest Technologies - Docudesk Sandbox for Sharing Open Source Contributions and Technical Innovations

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March 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJeaho

The Firefox extension renders PDFs using PDFVue's servers, thus avoiding the Acrobat Plug-In freeze-up, as well as Acrobat Reader exploits. ...
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